Avante Hair Restoration Serum


Using nutraceutical ingredients to provide nourishing peptides and vitamins combined with known effective DHT blockers, Avante Hair will directly deliver results to the follicles.


  • A technological breakthrough in the fight against hair loss

  • A unisex product designed for people with thinning hair

  • Works by blocking the hormone conversion (DHT)

  • Promotes nutritional support

  • Increases the blood flow locally

  • Not tested on animals

  • Does not contain animal products



Avante Hair works by boosting follicle activity and improving blood
flow to the follicles


  • An easy to use 50ml spray pump which is used daily
    throughout the follicle growth cycle

  • Actively promotes cellular turnover to improve the condition
    of the scalp and hair

  • Provides nutritional ingredients to strengthen the follicles
    and renew hair growth

  • Improves the appearance of fine hair with body, strength
    and condition

  • Results may be seen as early as 10 weeks

  • Once a routine has been established a maintenance
    dose is required

A Unisex Treatment That Works From 6 Different Angles To Assist In Maximising The Rejuvenation Of Hair.

  • Stops Hair Loss - by blocking DHT the hormone conversion responsible for 95% of hair loss in Men and Women

  • Actively Restores - using an active ingredient that keeps the hair follicle in its growth phase longer

  • Promotes Nutritional Support - increases blood flow to assist in the follicle stimulation

  • Moisturises and Hydrates - improves the appearance of fine hair with body, strength and condition


  • Promotes Cellular Turnover - helps the condition of the scalp and hair


  • Easy to Use - 3 x sprays once a day - 50ml approx 3 month supply

Female 20's Week 1
Female 20's Week 16
Male 30's Week 1
Male 30's Week 12
Female 50's Week 1
Female 50's Week 12
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