Avante Hair Restoration Serum 50ml



Using nutraceutical ingredients to provide nourishing peptides and vitamins combined with known effective DHT (dihydrotesterone) blockers, Avante Hair will deliver results directly to the hair follicles.


  • Stops Hair Loss - by blocking DHT the hormone conversion responsible for 95% of hair loss in Men and Women

  • Actively Restores - using an active ingredient that keeps the hair follicle in its growth phase longer

  • Promotes Nutritional Support - increases blood flow to assist in the follicle stimulation

  • Moisturises and Hydrates - improves the appearance of fine hair with body, strength and condition

  • Promotes Cellular Turnover - helps the condition of the scalp and hair

  • Easy to Use - 3 x sprays once a day - 50ml approx 3 month supply


Avante Hair Restoration Serum was developed by INC Cosmetics and was inspired by the proven results of market leading eyelash and eyebrow serums. The product was designed in New Zealand by a multidisciplinary team of leading aestheticians, trichologists and pharmacists.


Avante Hair Restoration Serum brings together the best of science and nature. Nutritional and naturally effective ingredients proven against hair loss combined with the same active ingredient found in the world's leading lash serums creates a hair booster with unparalleled performance.  Without the use of harsh chemicals, animal products or testing, artificial colours, fragrances, and petroleum derived ingredients, such as petroleum jelly or parabens.

Avante Hair Restoration Serum 50ml

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